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Tetine are Brazilian artist/musicians Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Based in Hackney (East London) since 2000, the duo have created a multitude of music, performance art and films - including art projects, community and street actions around the area.

In Loveland With You is Tetine's fourth album to be released in the UK and Europe - a follow up to their Tropical Punk album trilogy which included debut album Let Your X's Be Y's on Soul Jazz Records (2008) and both of their self-released records; From A Forest Near You (2010) and Voodoo Dance & Other Stories (2011) out on Slum Dunk Music. But this is in fact their 14th album since the band formed in Sao Paulo, back in 1995.

Recorded and produced by Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado between 2010 and 2012, In Loveland With You is one of Tetine's most personal records to date. It features 14 tracks heavy on electronic and organic sounds with funky basslines, drum machines, glacial soundscapes and a very distinctive melodic and harmonic sense. It also brings a darker approach to Tetine's music in terms of lyrics, vocal delivery, structure and atmospherics with less of their luminous tropical punk/ baile funk sound of past records & more of their melancholic electronic pop - without ever loosing its directness and simplicity.

The album features collaborations with Brazilian psychedelic legend Arnaldo Baptista - formerly of legendary Tropicalia band Os Mutantes - guesting on the opening track 'To Burn', and it is heavily influenced by Brazilian marginal filmmaker Rogerio Sganzerla - to whom this record is entirely dedicated.

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