Thursday, August 08, 2013


JahLight Records have worked their magic once again. Their new reggae release by Righteous has hit the market with a bang. The ‘Rise EP’ was released on July 30th, 2013, through BFM Digital. It is available on major digital e-tailers like Amazon, ITunes and more.  The first single that was released much before the release of reggae EP was the track ‘Don’t wanna be with you.’ The other tracks which are released as part of the EP are Rise Up, His Grace, Let’s Go Dancing and Reflections.  As reviewed by the brilliant Achis of Achis Blog, the definitive highlight of the EP is the aforementioned ‘Rise Up’.  It is described as a ‘beautiful praising tune from the vocalist and a sterling display of his curious talents’. 

In this EP, Righteous uses the singjay style of singing to a great effect of blending styles and emotions, making for a powerful display. Righteous, who had been recording music professionally with JahLight Records since 2012, was given his singing name by the executive manager, Akeunde Pemberton. Akeunde thought that this name suited his music and the message that he wanted to impart through his music. The message of Righteous on ‘Rise EP’ is that of love. Love in its true form. Genuine agape love – the love that is between brothers, between husband and wife. Pure love that has no deceit. The love that God has for his children. For all you reggae music fans, this new reggae EP album is truly going to touch your hearts and bring a whole new meaning to the word 'love'.

Trinidad based Akeunde Pemberton and his JahLight Records team has truly come up with a unique brand of reggae music. It is a kind of music that will be enjoyed by one and all. Music that not only entertains but also spreads a message, bringing positivity and enlightening the lives of one and all who listen to their music.
So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the opportunity! Get your copy and enjoy the new reggae EP ‘Rise’ from the very talented Righteous and the label, JahLight Records.

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