Friday, August 30, 2013


When you think of soul music, "attitude" isn't the first thing that always comes to mind. That's not to say the genre couldn't use a little spunk though—especially in this day and age. Thankfully, Los Angeles singer Raquel Rodriguez and her band, The Big Guys, play soul how it was always meant to be played. 

Meeting her six-piece band "The Big Guys" while still attending class, they collectively began pursuing their own "party" in 2011, gigging tirelessly everywhere they could. A year later, the group hit the studio to record what would eventually become Miss Me. Their 2013 full-length debut Miss Me boasts a collection of impassioned, invigorating, and irresistible songs that are as fresh as they are fiery.

Miss Me has that old school vibe which is a perfect sound for her amazing vocal delivery. Rodriguez’s influences are a collection of both old and new school soul - from Sarah Vaughan to Adele. You can hear it loud and clear on the first single and title track, "Miss Me". Blending intricate instrumentation and Raquel's infectious delivery, the song is something of a call-to-arms. "It's an anthem," she admits. "It's a girl singing about a guy who took advantage of her and didn't treat her right. Now, because she's successful, he wants her back. She always warned him like, 'One day, you'll miss me'. She was right."

Elsewhere on the album, "Tell Me It's Fine" paints a poignant picture via her vivid lyrics and the music's sultry swing. "It's about a relationship where both people are really stubborn," she goes on. "Neither side wants to end it so they stick it out, stay together, and just hope that it's fine."

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