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Born in early 2013 songwriting/arranging team (Piero and Pippo Lombardo) and vocalist Serena Brancale from Bari (Apulia) Italy collaborated with jazz pianist and composer Kathryn Ballard Shut from Denver, Colorado all through the wave of technology. The Internet songwriting dream consists of thirteen unique tracks engineered by executive producer Marco Rossi set to modern soul and Latin jazz grooves.

The group features a world-class lineup of studio and live performance musicians, including Pippo Lombardo (piano), Beppe Sequestro (bass), Francesco Palmitessa (lead guitar), Liviana Ferri (percussion), Mimmo Campanale (drums), Daniele Scannapieco and Bruno Tassone (saxes), Gianfranco Campagnoli (trumpet and flugelhorn), and Piero Dotti (background vocals). 

Camera Soul is a powerful jazz-funk ensemble inspired by legendary horn line, soul, R&B, and jazz-fusion artists such as Earth, Wind and Fire, The Commodores, Tower of Power, and Stevie Wonder, as well as neo-soul grooves by Erykah Badu and Jamiroquai.

“By riding on the infectious riffs, amazing horn lines, and world-class talent of the Brothers Lombardo and Serena Brancale, it has been a true privilege to have earned such respect and trust as a fellow songwriter and lyricist, and an additional honor to have been asked to write the liner notes. I sent the brothers a song (“Locked Inside”) that I had written that needed a tight melody line; they worked on it, sent it back, and surprised me by asking for permission to include it on the album” says Kathryn Ballard Shut.

"Not For Ordinary People", released by Azzurra Music [TIMKAT Entertainment, Americas] is a wonderful and joyful dip into the unforgettable past, brimming with rhythms and harmonies that take us back to the late 70's Soul Funk, where electronics counted for little, robust bass lines dominated, horn lines enveloped melodies, and listeners found peace in a blissful rhythm guitar. In other words, songwriting, arranging, and musicianship ruled. In this recording project, the artistic quality is very high.” - Edigio “Gigi” Franco –  Puglia [Italy] Journal, (Translated from Italian) (Jul 25, 2013)

“I was delighted to be contacted by Kathryn Ballard Shut regarding her new found international songwriting relationship with Camera Soul. She is a lovely extention of her father Tim Ballard’s musical legacy. Kathryn’s keen musical and business savvy is the perfect combination to get the kudos this project deserves. Bravo!” says Jaijai Jackson, creator and owner of The Jazz Network Worldwide social network.

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