Thursday, August 08, 2013


The Spandettes are a fiercely energetic 10-piece live disco outfit fronted by a standout vocal trio. Their original music combines a classic 70s soul/boogie approach with a fresh and contemporary edge, drawing inspiration from dance pop, reggae, and soul. Their songs come to life with 3-piece horn arrangements, and unique vocal harmonies crafted by the leading ladies of the band; Alex Tait, Maggie Hopkins, and Lizzy Clarke.

Sweet & Saccharine was originally recorded as a demo back in 2010. It's an irresistible blend of silky smooth vocals combined with upbeat, dynamic instrumentation and quirky lyrics. The result is music that's refreshingly honest and youthful, in every sense of both words. The flip side of the 7" single features a Whiskey Barons re-edit of Sweet & Saccharine which packs a bit more punch into the groove while keeping the vibrant quality of the original tune.

Inspired by the infectious sunshine melodies and slick 2-step boogie grooves of the likes of the Pointer Sisters, The Jones Girls, and Tavares, The Spandettes carry on the tradition of delivering soulful harmonies backed by a stellar powerhouse band. The talented ensemble features a killer horn section including flautist and alto saxophonist Allison Au, tenor saxophonist Chris Brophy and trumpeter Patrice Barbanchon. The back bone of the band comes from one of the tightest young rhythm sections in Toronto comprised of drummer Mackenzie Longpre, keyboardist Thomas Francis, bassist Mason Stoner, and guitarist Kevin Neal.

In a musical landscape where trends come and go like the wind, the timeless sound of The Spandettes truly stands out among the rest. Their music pays homage to the authentic live musical experience of disco at the height of its glory, and the scintillating musicality of their arrangements are a resounding testament to that fact. Their long anticipated debut album, Spandex Effect, is set for worldwide release in late 2013 on Do Right Music.

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Lizzy Clarke said...

Lizzy here from The Spandettes! If you liked the first album you'll love the new one we're in the studio with now! We're so close to being able to finish it, but we can't do it without our fans help! Every little bit helps! Thank you for the support!


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